The True Story of the Internet Wars: Browser Wars (Reaction)

Humans never cease to invent, to create. From a slice of bread to the Internet, as the video says, humans innovate. The Internet is maybe now the most used human innovation, to think that Internet came out almost of nowhere. With that fact in mind, it’s just so amazing. With the progression of the Internet comes more innovation of computer geeks. One is the creation of Web Browsers which permitted people to browse the net. In this “internet generation”, browsers are consumed by almost everyone and in the early stages of this “era”, competition between browsers, as I have seen in the video, was so tight that desperation was even evident.

As a young user of internet browsers, I did not expect that internet browsers had undergone a war. I mean, I know that there will always be competition between sellers (software sellers in this case), but I am just shocked that the competition was so heavy that even the US Government needed to interfere and intervene. I didn’t even know that a browser named Netscape existed, and I didn’t even know that the Microsoft company, the software company that I respect, has aimed to destroy the former. I grew up using Microsoft computers, typing with the use of MS Word, creating presentations using MS Powerpoint, and all other Microsoft softwares. Internet Explorer, the very first browser I used, was the one used to take down a not-so-familiar-to-me browser, Netscape. Bill Gates – I knew him as a rich man co-owning Microsoft, but I didn’t know that he’s been found guilty in a lawsuit. I didn’t really know all of these. What happened to me? Well, life  is a learning process. We learn and discover new things, and so did I about all of these. Speaking about learning, I know Bill Gates have learned about this experience he had, for he is a brilliant and innovative man. If he hasn’t,he needs to know that destroying other people (in this case, competitor) won’t lead to your betterment. It will only lead to the destruction of others and yourself, as well.

The Internet gave a lot to humanity. From online banking, online shopping, social networking, cloud storage to online education, humanity has never had accessibility to almost anything than now. People even earn through softwares, websites, etc. Progression can’t be stopped, and so do good manners. Everyone strives for betterment. Yes everyone has needs, but it is never a need to destroy  others.


IT and I

Information Technology – what comes up of your mind after hearing that phrase? Is it computer, monitor, motherboard, etc? Are these tangible? Or is this the internet, codes, html, files, file formats, word documents, etc that are intangible? Well, whatever it may be, as long as it has something to do with computer, software, etc and their development, maintenance and use (well, as defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary), it’s Information Technology. But how do I see (in case you’re curious, well maybe not) Information Technology? Well, I suck in definitions. I’m weird in defining things. I oddly associate things with things, so is with my definitions.

Whenever I hear IT (Information Technology), weirdly, hackers of accounts, games and their cheats, online movies and those people that have some light from a monitor glowing on their faces with their shining eyeglasses are the people that pop up on my mind. That may sound so stereotypical. I’m bad, right? No, I’m whimsical (just to make it fancy, but actually I’m just weird). That’s not my intention to associate hackers with IT, maybe in childhood I saw them on the television, and I know it’s not fair and right to associate IT with hacking. Knowledge in Information Technology is essential in understanding it (of course!? stating the obvious). So here, I’m in BA 183.1 class, and I’m here to prove or (hopefully) disprove my stereotypes about Information Technology. Perhaps, the first sessions of class already opened amazing ideas about computers and the internet.